Three Things

I never win anything.  traveljournal

Well, that’s not true anymore.  I won a Family Rambling Travel Journal.  Just yesterday.  Small print: I made some comments on a blog and the blog owner was giving away 5 separate prizes for the commenters chosen at random.  Jody Halsted is also a speaker at

Winning the travel journal has taken my thoughts in several directions.

1. You give, you get. That’s right -sometimes you win things just for giving comments.  I comment quite a bit on sites, but have never just gone out and commented strictly to win something.  That just smacked of wrongness to me.  It’s cool I won, but the intention was to give a good comment – not to win something.

I give comments because I have something to say.  Side benefits include receiving followers, finding new people to follow yourself and sometimes you win a prize.  You give, you get.

2. How can we help each other? Jody is cool people and a great family travel blogger.  She’s on the panel at my conference in June.  She sells these family travel journals for only $15 over here.  She travels with her kids and writes about it.  Jody is a great resource for traveling with kids.

See how easy that was?  Just a sentence or two for you to read about Jody.  Who can you write about today and bring them some new readers?

deb_rock_parthenon3. I need to go on a trip. Actually, I need the whole experience.  I’ve found that when you speak something out loud (or write it) things and people come into your space and make it happen.

I had lunch with Mel last week – and as a result, we decided we are going to Greece in September 2011.   I’m excited to be planning it, getting ready for the trip and traveling.  What excites you?  What can you talk about and create – today?

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  1. Jody says:

    Thanks for the linky love. I hope you enjoy your journal- I know it will come in handy in Greece next year!

  2. Deb says:

    Jody – yes it will! See what I mean about speaking about something and things start to happen?

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