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We are surrounded by greatness every day. You have to notice it.  That’s the secret.

When I got to church I noticed Jolene.  She was holding the door open for me.  Jolene helps the Sunday School teacher – every week.  She lights the candles during service.  She helps the people who have trouble walking.  Jolene doesn’t talk much, she just does things. She is used to being ignored – even made fun of.  Jolene is mentally handicapped.  Just this past year her mother passed away and we were afraid of what would happen to her.

Here’s one of the things I love about living in a small town — we stood up and did something for Jolene. MaryAnn bought her a cell phone so when she is out on her walks around town, she can call someone if she needs help.  Ruth drives her into town for grocery shopping.  LaVonne, Sue and Shirley invite her over for dinner often.  Jim, the local restaurant owner, looks for her every night for her Mountain Dew and sometimes a sandwich. The church members check on her, make sure she comes to meetings and is active in the church.

And still, Jolene does so much more for us.   She is an example of what it is to be great – every day.  She just goes out and does things.

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