Day 42: Overwhelmed
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Let’s talk about overwhelm.

Overwhelm happens when you decide to get involved with every good idea that comes down the pike. (pike is short for turnpike and before the internet and tv, ideas came into town via the turnpike.  In England, a piker was general a vagrant, tramp or gypsy.  Interestingly enough, in the U.S. a piker was someone from Pike County Missouri.  People from Pike County have a history of moving to California.  Coming down the pike.)

Where are you allowing overwhelm to happen in your business?

I’m involved in several projects.  Non-paid are:  The Old Stone House Project is a volunteer activity. Assisting in promoting events around town.  Caring for elderly parents.

I’ll get paid eventually projects are: Small Business Social Media Summit is an event I am planning in June – it’s huge.  Teaching social media at Iowa Valley Continuing Education.

Paid on a regular basis projects are: Client work for three clients.   Inviting and enrolling new customers with Melaleuca.

Overwhelm steps in when I get great ideas for all of my projects. How do I prioritize my work?  It’s hard.  I like to add value to the work I do, paid and unpaid.  I’m using social media for all of my activities and it’s important to research, use it consistently and keep on keeping on.  I learned from Becky McCray to make a list each morning of six things that need to be done today. That helps.

I read Chris Brogan’s email newsletter today – and he talked about all of the work he did for free (and still does).  There were days when food was scarce.  Days when he had to decide between the airplane ticket and the mortgage payment.  It’s really an ontological process.  What goes around comes around.  The question is — when is the come around coming around?

Really, let’s talk about overwhelm.  What are you doing to conquer it?

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