Alone again, unnaturally

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You can’t do it all alone. We need each other and we need the human interaction.

Working from home – has many benefits.  You set your own schedule, wear what you want, work when you want.  Those are great benefits.

Except I’ve found that if my life does not have other human interaction, here’s what happens.

  • I get up too early, say 4 a.m., and am beat by 9.  My phone calls start at nine.  My whole day gets out of whack early.
  • I stay in pajamas for two days.
  • I work and work and work – and get nothing done.
  • I don’t eat right.

Why does being around other people become so important?  Because we just can’t live in our own heads all the time.  There’s not enough perspective there.

  • It takes someone to listen to your ideas.
  • It takes someone to tell you “that’s crap”.
  • It takes someone to get you out of your rut – and do something just for fun.

So I don’t know if the word balance works anymore.  Have you ever tried to balance anything for a long time?  It’s hard, seldom achieved and not fun.

I do know that I need human interaction to make my life more complete, full.  Don’t you?

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2 Responses to Alone again, unnaturally

  1. Ha! So true — especially the stay in pajamas for two days. (Well, I live in Florida so shorts and t-shirts, but still….)

    I’ve worked from home for about 15 years and it took me 5 to figure out how to do it effectively. One thing I’ve found that helps is to work in other places once or twice a week.

    There are a group of regulars who work from the local Starbucks and Panera. If that’s too noisy, I’ll hit the library or schedule lunch or drinks with a friend once a week. That helps. (If nothing else, it ensures I wash my hair at least twice a week.)

  2. Deb says:

    Cara –
    I like that, nice easy action you can take. It’s a great suggestion – and it is important to get out in the real world, isn’t it?

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