16 Things to Blog About

Me on a rock at the Parthenon in Greece

I often get asked “what should I blog about?”

The answer is easier than you think.


What?  Yes, everything.  If you are blogging as a business owner, the idea is to share not only what it is your business does, but what it is you do.  People want to get to know you.  They want to see how you live.  They want to know your kids are smart, or normal, or average.  They want you to tell them these things, in a nice way.

The idea is you are building a relationship with your readers.  It’s not a contract you are writing.  It’s a story you are telling.  

Here’s some ideas:

Small business owners –

  1. why you chose the color of paint for your walls
  2. how the last customer of the day is as important as the first
  3. why your location is good for business
  4. why your son-in-law does NOT work in your store
  5. why the regular Friday night band concert is important to you
  6. How you support your local schools
  7. why you spend money in your local community versus going to Walmart
  8. what thought process you use to decide which products you are going to carry
  9. how to sell an item to a young person, old person, single woman, married man
  10. why you belong to the Kiwanis (or any organization)
  11. things visitors can do when they visit your town
  12. what other kind of shops are in town
  13. how weather affects where you live
  14. how to use a product bought at your store (google Kreg tools, it’s amazing how they built their business around this question)
  15. why you like facebook (or don’t like it)
  16. things kids could learn that will make them better business people

That’s 16 quick ideas for a business owner.  Tell us your story.  We want to get to know you.  Show us why you are the expert in your field (and it’s not because you know everything – it’s because you know how to tell us what we want to hear.)


The picture is me on a rock at the Parthenon in Greece.  I’ll be writing about how Greece changed my life, and how that affects my small business next week. 


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