Making History – History Made

It’s weekends like this one that make me happy I volunteer.

It was the Making History weekend here in Franklin County.  We had a fundraiser for the Leander Reeve Home: Old Stone House.  Two days out in the country experiencing life like they may have lived it in the 1800’s.  Singing, church service, tours of historic sites, kids playing, horses plowing, glass blowing, black smithing, rug hooking, pie contest — and so much more.

We raised money to help repair the House.  I saw so many people come through that house this weekend who were amazed at the way it was built, how it has stood up over time and the ideas we have to make it part of our current history.  We’re thinking artist in residence, seminars, knitting classes, kids activities — and taking all kinds of suggestions!

Thank you to everyone who made it possible, who came and stayed and played with us and to God for giving us perfect weather.

Here’s a few pictures – just click on them and they will get bigger.  You can also visit and see many more!

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