Duane Murray, Artist

I’m contemplating how we can help one another.

I think in small communities it is important to support each other in the work we do.  Not just shop local, but refer local too.

Duane Murray is a local artist here in Franklin County.  I’ve recruited him to teach/lead the Art Camp the first two weeks of June.  He was also the artist on display at the Simon Estes Young Performing Arts Concert.  Duane has an unique eye and works with photographs and creates wonderful art.  he just started a facebook page – please head over and like him!

Duane recently moved back to our town after an absence of many years. We are lucky to have him.  Not everyone knows that yet though.  I hope I can help spread the word of his skills and abilities.  Duane is going to create an image of me.  Not just the “oh, there’s Deb nice picture” kind of image either.  We meet next week to begin the process.   You’ll see the photo soon – and I hope you’ll consider talking to Duane about what he might be able to offer you!

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  1. Sharon Parks says:

    Sounds quite interesting Deb! I admired Duane’s photos at Simon Estes night. I am sure we would all like to be seen in a new and improved look.Waiting anxiously for what is coming.

  2. Deb says:

    Thanks Sharon – I thought it was a great idea too!

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