Four More for the 140

Would you want to miss these speakers?

140 Character Conference in Des Moines is May 9.  Here’s just a few of the speakers.

Drew McClellan 5 Lessons on Crowd Sourcing a Book

Drew will talk about How the 3 Age of Conversation books came to be, the lessons learned and the value of the project.

Drew McLellan’s a 25+ year marketing agency veteran who lives for creating “a ha” moments for his clients, clients’ customers, peers and audiences across the land. Sadly, for his daughter, he attempts to do the same thing at home. Drew’s favorite tools for creating these moments are vivid story telling, Italian heritage inspired hand gestures and the occasional tipping of a sacred cow. Over the years, Drew has lent his expertise to clients like Nabisco, IAMS pet foods, Kraft Foods, Meredith Publishing, John Deere, Iowa Health System, Make-A-Wish, and a wide array of others. Drew is also one of the world’s top marketing and branding bloggers. He’s written the book 99.3 Random Acts of Marketing, co-editing the Age of Conversation series of books and in 1995, he launched his own firm McLellan Marketing Group. Recently he has appeared in the New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Week and Fortune’s Small Business. The Wall Street Journal calls him one of 10 bloggers that every entrepreneur should read.

Patrick Palmer When the Wife Says “That Won’t Work”

How the buildup of Social Media has impacted my business, its work with some celebrities, how it’s affected my community, my new business expansion and other areas….all this happened, because my wife said, “That won’t work.” I predict a bit of humor and some gentle poking of fun at my wife and her family.

The Computer Guy was founded by Patrick Palmer of Hampton, Iowa, after working with computers since the age of 14.  Since 2005, Palmer has been trained and certified by Dell,  Hewlett-Packard, MicronPC and Sony Vaio and has also gone on to earn the CompTIA A+ and CEA CompTIA DHTI+ Certifications. He feels that knowledge is power and knows training never ends, especially in the world of computers and technology.In April of 2009, Palmer decided to take the bold step and move his business to Downtown Hampton into a retail storefront. He purchased his parents’ computer paper and supply business and  on July 1st, 2009, he hired an employee, opened the doors and hasn’t looked back.

Keri Holmes and Judy Wrolson Big Ideas Small Actions

While the “vision thing” is important, you can’t let it overwhelm you. Start today with little things that make a difference NOW, and still support the big goal.

Judy Wrolson is the owner of Cornerstone Cottage in Hampton Iowa.  Judy began her business at home and transitioned into a store several years later.  Not sure what she wanted to do with social media, she started with baby steps.  Keri Holmes is her designer, gifted sales person and right hand girl.  Together they are utilizing the power of community, years in retail experience and a commitment to keep it fun!

Claire Celsi   Internships are the Key to Stopping Brain Drain

Internships are crucial in anchoring college educated young people in communities all over Iowa. Internship programs, when designed properly, introduce and root students to the community, provide businesses with valuable and affordable help, and give students an edge in getting their first job after college. It’s also a great way to give a potential employee a “test run” before hiring them.

Claire Celsi is a public relations professional and Des Moines native. Her consulting firm, The Public Relations Project, assists businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, associations, and educational institutions in developing and implementing social media and public relations programs.  A Drake University alumna, she is a lecturer and adjunct professor at her alma mater, teaching PR and social media courses. Claire also serves on Drake’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications National Advisory Board.

Tickets are still available and there is an early bird special of only $40 (regular are $60).  Visit Ticketmaster and get yours today.  We’ve also got a great special with the Renaissance Savery Hotel just one block from the Civic Center.  Normal room rates are $129 and up.  Use the code “140conference” and your rates are $89.

Visit for more information about the conference.  See you there!

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