140 Conference coming to Iowa

We’re having a 140Conf in Des Moines May 9.  Iowa – we are cutting edge!

What is the 140 Character Conference?

The 140 Characters Conference at the Stoner Studio Stage in Des Moines Iowa is being co hosted by Jeff Pulver , Deb Brown and Nathan Wright.  Join them May 9 for the first Iowa 140 Character Conference.   The key focus of the conference is on how real time technology (twitter, facebook are two examples) is changing business, agriculture, media, education, sports, celebrity – everything.

There will be speakers from all over the world – and local speakers too.  Speakers present in 10 to 20 minute segments.  The day moves quickly and lots of voices are heard.   The event runs all day and costs $40 for early bird registration. Full registration cost is $60.   Students registration is $10.  For those who cannot attend in person, this conference will be live streamed on the internet.

Why should I participate?

Originally, the 140 Characters Conference was designed by Jeff Pulver to bring together about 140 characters to have a discussion about twitter and discussing topics like Celebrity, “Media” and Advertising.   It’s been given in large cities like New York, London and Tel Aviv. Last year the first Small Town conference was held in Hutchinson Kansas.  Over 200 people attended and the opportunity to share the small town outlook was given.

Now is your opportunity to be fairly represented on a large stage.  The speakers will talk about topics relative to Iowa lives.  Agriculture will be more than just one speaker representing all sides of the topic.  Hear from the agricultural producers, small business and the large corporate businesses.  Imagine that! Business speakers will cover how we build relationships in a town where everyone either knows you or someone related to you.  There will be small business, large business and home business people showing us all the power of Iowa living as related to owning and/or working in a business.

This Iowa 140 conference will show you how important it is to be part of a community. The new buzz word is relationship, and we in Iowa know how to do that better than anyone you know.

How can new technology help Iowans find their places in the world economy?

We tell the story of the wheat farmer who used twitter on his Blackberry out in the field.  That’s nice, right?  Here’s the real story.  The bigger city news was talking about how there was not very much storm damage to the crops after the last big storm.  This farmer was out in his field looking and he didn’t have much damage.  However, his friends on twitter were posting pictures of the damage in their area – and it was bigger and worse than his.  He was scheduled to sell his wheat that week.  He made the decision to wait a week.  Why?  Because the prices skyrocketed – there was so much damaged wheat and supply was low, demand high!  His crop brought in a better price – because his friends posted pics on line.  Yeah, the farmer today is no idiot.  There will be lots of stories about how technology is changing the way we do things.

What does the day look like at a 140 Character Conference?

We start at 8:30 a.m.  The Stoner Studio Theatre will be set up for attendees to be comfortable while listening to and interacting with the speakers.  Wifi will be brought in to allow cell phones, laptops, and notebooks to transmit messages to the outside world.

Jeff, Deb and Nathan will welcome and convene the event.  Deb will talk about how we ended up in Iowa; Nathan will share some of his technology love and thank our many sponsors.

Then the fun begins.  The speakers will begin. Each individual has 10 or 15 minutes and panels have 15 to 20 minutes.  The idea for presenting in such a short time frame is to eliminate the lecturers, get to the point and share their information in a tweetable format.  Get to the point (which is the point).

Topic lists will include agriculture, media, small business, tourism, government and community involvement.  Media will include small town papers who are actually involving the community into their news reporting.  New media has made the old way of reporting the news obsolete.  How are small communities overcoming these obstacles?  Government will have speakers from the local USDA office, city hall and state offices.  Tourism people are at the forefront of using this new technology to promote their small local areas.  Every one of us can learn from them.  Community involvement speakers come full circle and talk about using the tools to build relationships and create big things in small towns.

There will be a break for lunch and networking – it is catered in.  You will want to come and go and collect in the lobby, stand outside, have conversations with others.  It’s often been said that the real value at a conference is found in the hallways.  Consider the idea of cross pollination.  Imagine the local seed company in Alexander Iowa conversing with the banker in Des Moines and the Rhode Island organic farmer.  What are the possibilities for expanding your knowledge base and connections in the real world?

The Conference ends around 6 and we are working on a wrap party somewhere in Des Moines.

Who really comes to these events?

Most people who are using the technology of now are interested in the world.  Twitter is an interesting tool – it allows us to be in direct communication with people all over the world.  These are the people who are coming – smart, vibrant, thirsty for knowledge people.

Speakers will be local and also non-local people.  They will cover topics like technology, education, politics, celebrity, music, elderly, youth, work and play – and how those relate to the technology of Now.   Speakers talk in 10 minute segments, with no flip charts, videos, gizmos etc.  It’s a conversation.  There are 200 seats to be filled.  They will go quickly — all the people in Iowa (and surrounding states) who are active in one way or another with social media will be there.

Once again, give me a few short reasons why I should come.

Oh- like in a 140 character way?  Here goes:

140 Character Conference speakers talk about how they are being changed by the technology of now & show you how to use it where you live.

Iowa is being represented in a big way.  Tourism, agriculture, media, government, community involvement. Be informed.

Audience participation, live streaming, informed and passionate speakers and technology of now.  Why wouldn’t you come?

Here’s a few sites to review on previous 140 Character Conferences:


Deb Brown’s presentation

Educators in Real Time

Are You Ready for the New Consumer?

Home Page:

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“More than a conference, the 140 Characters Conference is an experience that will inspire you and help you catch up and move ahead professionally – no matter what field you are in, from nonprofit to education, commerce and beyond – while forging in-person relationships which, thanks to social media, will grow and last for years, enriching your life personally and professionally.”

– Francie Grace @franciegrace

“The #140conf expanded my understanding not only of how Twitter (the “real time Internet”) has permanently changed the landscapes of media, communication, and marketing, but also, of what the amazing possibilities are for me and my clients. Anyone who wants to be on top of their game, regardless of industry or area of interest, musthave a comprehensive understanding of what this medium offers.  The #140conf is the only event that offers attendees the platform and program to fully understand, and master, this communication revolution.”

-Peggy Dold – @navigatepartner

“You never know who you will meet at a #140conf or how you will affect change in the world. I predict that the #140conf in Detroit will be the pinnacle of a new paradigm for what Jeff Pulver calls “The State Of Now”  I honestly believe that Detroit is in for a re birthing process that will revolutionize the way City’s in America reinvent themselves. If you like being in the center of something big, new, powerful, and unpredictable? Go to a #140conf and be prepared to feelthe experience because #140confs are not events they are experiences”

– Andy Dixon – @andydixn

You can speak too.  Visit www.140conf.com , fill out the form.  View past events and get a feel for topics. Deadline is  April 1.

We’re looking forward to working with you, and creating the first local Iowa 140 Character Conference.  What we do here in Iowa will help define how local 140 Conferences are conducted around the nation.  Don’t you want to be a part of that?

Stay tuned for registration information,speaker requests and more.  If you’d like to sponsor, shoot me an email at deb@debworks.com

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