10 Days in Europe with a carry on suitcase

95587I told my friend she was nuts to think I was going away for ten days with only a carry on bag.

And a small duffle.

That’s it.  That was the challenge Keri gave me.  Then Becky said I could do it, and should do it.  Why did I need to lug around all that stuff?  I was going to travel, not move there.

I’ve had three weeks to consider just what I should take along.  I’m attending the Web Summit – 48,000 other people are too.  Four days of mingling with people from all over the world.  I’d like to visit with a couple of heads of state that will be there, Gary Vaynerchuk, Robert Scoble, Facebook and Tinder people – you know, to discuss small town things.  After all over half the world is comprised of small towns.  We matter. (visit https://websummit.net/)

I’ll wear black pants, dressy comfy sleeveless blouse, black jacket and black shoes on the plane.  (It’s all super comfortable, loose and looks great.)

stuff in a 21 inch carryon bagI packed in the 21 inch suitcase:

  • 5 pairs of underwear and 3 undergarments
  • pajamas (bottoms and a tshirt)
  • two leggings
  • two sleeveless blouses
  • two dresses that also double as long tops for the leggings
  • one jacket
  • one pair of jeans
  • brown shoes
  • jewelry and dopp kit

No kidding .. all of that.

fullsizerender-5In the small duffle-ish bag I packed:

  • medicine and vitamins
  • small purse with wallet, passport, notebook, charger and pens
  • electronics (mini i pad and cords etc.)
  • book to read on the plane
  • house shoes
  • gloves
  • Melaleuca snacks

I’m going to Lisbon for ten days with a carry on suitcase!

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