Well Rounded Life List

I wrote one three years ago.  It said: Increasing my physical wellness spending time with my mom and my family becoming financially sound exploring my misfitness volunteering travel I can say that I’ve been doing these things.  The most rewarding was spending time with my mom – I was blessed to be able to beContinue Reading

Sunday Update: Back to Business

I missed you all last week.  It’s a busy time in my life – both personally and professionally. This blog’s intention is to write about small towns and small businesses, and my interaction with them.  I’ve partnered with Becky McCray and started a business, SaveYour.Town, where we help small towns grow.  I also am theContinue Reading

Sunday Update: Drink from your own cup

I know it’s Monday.  I wanted to wait and write this after my pottery class and after my check in call with Randi. This week has been a time for reflection, creating self care habits and drinking from my own cup. One practice I put into place this week was the one of noticing, inContinue Reading