Obidos, Portugal

Oh-bee-dush is how it’s pronounced.   It’s a walled city in the countryside of Portugal.  It’s name probably came from the Latin oppidum which means city or citadel.  There are about 14,000 residents in this small town and the citadel sits atop the area.  It was built originally as an early Roman settlement and hasContinue Reading

10 Days in Europe with a carry on suitcase

I told my friend she was nuts to think I was going away for ten days with only a carry on bag. And a small duffle. That’s it.  That was the challenge Keri gave me.  Then Becky said I could do it, and should do it.  Why did I need to lug around all thatContinue Reading

Well Rounded Life List

I wrote one three years ago.  It said: Increasing my physical wellness spending time with my mom and my family becoming financially sound exploring my misfitness volunteering travel I can say that I’ve been doing these things.  The most rewarding was spending time with my mom – I was blessed to be able to beContinue Reading