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Easy Peasy Promo Pieces

Easy Peasey Promotion We’ve been having some fun here with two websites that are free to use.  The first one is  It’s a repository of images that anyone can use for any purpose.  Lovely, hi resolution photos that can you help you tell a story. The second one is  It’s a great siteContinue Reading

Just What Is An Idea Friendly Town?

Just what is an idea friendly town? You’ve met the fellers* who have nothing good to say and relish starting false rumors about people?  You know a few negative nellies who don’t think anything is better than it was in 1950, right? Those are the people that are closed to new ideas, and they’re loud.Continue Reading

The Committee of Negativity

Some people default to the negative.  You know them.  They say things like “that will never work here” and “we tried that before and it didn’t work.” It can be difficult to reason with that group of people, referred to as ‘the committee of negativity’.  Nothing you say will be taken seriously.  There’s an argumentContinue Reading