What Makes a Good Facebook Post


This is not the place to write six paragraphs on one post.  We don’t need to know how smart you are.  We need to know the what of it all – what it is, what it means for me, what do you want me to do.


If you can tell me in a picture, so much the better.  I’d rather see a picture from last years event with the date for this year, than a paragraph about the upcoming event. Or use canva.com to create your images — see the picture on the right.


Do you have to be serious all the time?  Why not make me smile a little?  At the very least, make it interesting.

Know Your Audience

Write for the people you are trying to reach, not for yourself, your associates or your family.  Meet a need, provide a service, make a client happy.


What really matters?

My mother was born in 1929 – when the stock market crashed, when food was more valuable than most other things, when life was hard.  When Christmas came one year (she was little and can’t remember the year) all she got was this little bear.  Her brother Paul got a small truck.  That was it.Continue Reading

Sunday Update: Vacation

I’m on vacation. Friday I wandered three airports and got in 10,000 steps. Saturday I played in the pool at Tanglewood, NC — great park too.  Hung out in the lazy river. Today we are driving to Philly and hanging out with Gigi and her kids. Tuesday we are walking the boardwalk all day. PrettyContinue Reading