Sunday Update: Making a Choice

11164763_10153373879432348_7281538416374282442_oOh where to start?

Dr report:

  • viral gastroenteritis, no food poisoning.  So, some bug caught me and decided to empty out my guts and make me feel bad for about a week.
  • my voice:  could be acid reflux, trying Prilosec for a week and see if it will come back (it hasn’t yet, and it’s been 6 days – it is better). If not, off to the ENT I go.
  • mosquito bite allergy: put some Flonase (now over the counter) on it, and the itch will stop.  It did.
  • weight loss discussion: agreed to continue my Melaleuca products and go see the local dietician, Caitlan at Hy-Vee.  My first appointment is Monday.  I’ve been keeping a journal of food eaten – and I suck at eating!  I think I’m doing ok, but, well, I’m not.

Deb report:

  • The way I see it, I’m the one making the choices here.  I could decide to say f*ck it and keep eating crap and hope for the best.  My dad was 60 when he had his first heart attack.  I’m 60.
  • Or I could pull up my bootstraps, go for a bike ride, shop sensibly and eat well and just make this part of my lifestyle.  No need for lots of drama around this.
  • I choose option two.

Friends update:

11063898_956390124382548_2120293325832079691_nBriefne Earley, one of my misfits, rode 18,000 miles on his bike around the world.  He’s only the 8th person to do that.  He completed his run (490 days later) on Saturday.  He was riding to bring focus on depression and “it’s ok to not be ok” message.  You rock Breifne!

I spent the 4th of July with my mom and my friend Mel.  I’m a lucky woman – I have the best friends and am a misfit too.  Misfits are a group of people that love each other, have each other’s backs and rule the world in a make a dent in the universe kind of way.  It took me 57 years to find them.  I hope you find your tribe sooner than that!

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